Things In Mammoth Land – 11.18.2013

Hey guys, James here. Just wanted to give you a little bit of insight on what’s happening here at Mammoth Electronics…

As some of you may know, we spent most of Thursday and Friday without internet, so we weren’t really able to ship out packages, or answer any of your emails. But it’s Monday now and everything is up and working, so we’re getting stuff out and getting answers out to you as quick as we can.

As Thanksgiving gets closer and closer, we’re prepping some awesome Black Friday deals for you guys, and we’ve also got some awesome news for our Canadian customers as well. Hopefully we can get it all planned out and ready for you guys to see before the end of the week.

Later this month, we’ve got a couple of Wah Kits coming out for you guys. One from Barry at GuitarPCB, and another from Rej over at Grind Customs FX. Also coming this week, we’re re-releasing the ‘Super Drive 3-in-1’ kit from Guitar PCB. It’s an awesome 3-in-1 kit that we had a long time ago, and now we’re getting it out there again, with Barry’s new updated PCB boards.

Well I should probably get back to work answering these emails.
I’ll catch you guys up on anything else that comes down the pipeline.
Have a wonderful day!

One thought on “Things In Mammoth Land – 11.18.2013

  1. KO Amps says:

    Looking forward to the news for us Canadians as well as the deals.

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