Q&A With Barry Steindel From GuitarPCB.com


State your name and business!
Barry Steindel – GuitarPCB.com

Where is your company based out of?
Keystone State of Pennsylvania

Favorite color?

What is your favorite effect pedal of all time?
The Wah, for its many uses and versatility.

What do you think is the most influential pedal of all time?
The Fuzz Face circuit which inspired years of progress, varieties, mojo and guitar heroes.

What is the first effect pedal you ever built?
Something from Electronic Projects for Musicians?

Is there another company or builder out there that you admire or has influenced you in how you design your effects?
Tonmann, Craig Anderton, and many others.

In your opinion, are there such things as “magic parts” like germanium transistors, hand spun inductors, or ICs from a certain year or is it all hype?
The Magic, or Mojo is all in what you hear & perceive.

Do you have a favorite Spinal Tap saying?
Of course, “But this one goes to eleven.”

Buffered or True bypass?
A good buffer is essential with True Bypass in harmony. Like a Barber Shop Quartet.

What is your most important piece of equipment or tool on your work bench?
My Soldering Station

What circuit/effect have you made that you are most proud of?
The Stage 3 Booster

Any advice for people just starting out building effects?
Read, Print, look at pictures and practice till you get it just right. When you come across a problem go to the right places where you are made to feel comfortable to ask basic questions. GuitarPCB, BYOC etc…

Where can people go to purchase your stuff?!

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